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Misson:  "To raise awareness of plastic pollution through inclusive creativity"
See it


OnYourBeach design begins with removing unwanted litter from our natural environment.  Although the project began on the coast, Megan and her workshop participants now work predominantly in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire, cleaning fields and roadsides.

Touch it


Litter is collected, washed and dried, then brought into the printmaking studio.  Megan and her workshop participants use each piece of litter as a collagraph 'plate', capturing shapes and textures to feature in a variety of projects.  

Make it good


Through a combination of traditional collagraph printmaking and digital collage, the litter is transformed into beautiful artwork for print and clothing.  The audience engages in the process by feeling an emotion as they read the 'ingredients' of each piece, revealing where and when the litter was found.


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