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Litter Collections

Although 'OnYourBeach' began on the coast, Megan and her workshop participants now work predominantly in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire,

removing litter from the natural environment.

Inking Up

Litter is washed and dried before entering into the printmaking process. Megan and her workshop participants use each piece of litter as a collagraph 'plate', applying ink to its surface.  Depending on the material, both relief (using the raised surface) and intaglio (using the creases and the folds) approaches may be used.


The inked up items arranged on the print bed and placed under soaked paper.  The items then sent through under immense pressure by turning the handle of the press.  As the material travels through the rollers, ink is transferred from litter to paper and the litter collagraph - full of interesting shapes and textures.- is created.


To complete 'Spring has Sprung' Megan added hand painted embellishments: a butterfly, various flowers and the face of the Green Man.  Each piece is accompanied by an 'ingredients' list, revealing where and when the litter was found. Although the original has been sold, this design is available as a greeting card, A3 print and 8" x 10" print.

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