Megan Evans

BA (hons) General Illustration

'OnYourBeach' began in 2009 as a collaborative second year University project called 'Dirty Beach'.  The project brought together Graphic Design, Design for Advertising and Illustration students from Swansea Metropolitan University to create a business idea, business plan and business pitch.


The aim of the exercise was to develop our skills in business and business planning in preparation for leaving University.  Lloyd, Tom, Gareth, Dino and I came up with the concept of 'Dirty Beach' clothing, sales of which would fund beach clean up initiatives across South Wales and Gower.  Although we decided to go our seperate ways before developing the project to its full potential, the concept really struck a chord with me and I decided to make it my own.  Much of my final year at University was dedicated to developing designs, concepts, networks and contacts that helped me form 'OnYourBeach'.


I am passionate about the quality of our coast and countryside.  There have been huge improvements in water quality over the years thanks to organisations like MCS (Marine Conservation Society) and SAS (Surfers against Sewage), but there are plenty more improvements to be made in our attitudes towards the environment.  My work aims to connect people with plastic pollution through a simple process:  


See it ---> Touch it ---> Make it good


I graduated in 2010 and have been running the project ever since, creating and exhibiting my own work made from litter, using a combination of traditional collagraph printmaking and digital collage.  A big part of my work is teaching my design process to other people.  This is done through workshops in various settings.  A typical workshop starts with a litter pick, and results in 'litter collagraph' based outcomes.